December 20, 2023

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A Multi Account Manager (MAM) is basically software that enables money managers to issue orders in bulk across an unlimited number of accounts. The process is quick and simple, and it may be completed from a single trading terminal. MAM manages clients' money through flexible allocation techniques and real-time performance and commission reporting.

The programme is suitable for traders or money managers who use Expert Advisors (EAs). Block orders with predefined allocation methods can be executed with a single click from the Master Account. Thousands of accounts may be swapped with a single click and almost no additional delay.

Cashback terms and conditions


Access global markets including FX, stocks, indices and


Clear, helpful guides and articles. Video library for all levels of experience


Globally regulated & fully segregated funds. Fast and secure payment methods

5 Reasons to Start Using
MAM Account

  • The minimum trade volume is used to ensure optimal trade allocation
  • Equity is allocated via a standardised allocation method​
  • Master accounts have access to STP and instant allocation​
  • Master accounts have partial order close, pending order functionality, full SL and TP
  • Every trading style is allowed, including scalping and hedging​​